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Category: Replacing a roof top Air Conditioning Unit

Replacing A Rooftop Unit

Tip: Check unit specifications (proper voltage and model numbers) before setting unit on roof

A overview of a rooftop air conditioning unit replacement

  • Call manufacturer and find out lead time of unit and curb adapter.
  • Once unit and adapter is available, schedule crane.

The following should take place the day before or the morning of crane pick.

  • Cone off area where crane will pick from.
  • Locate units power source (breaker panel).
  • Lockout/Tagout breaker and gas valve.
  • Reclaim Refrigerant from unit.
  • Disconnect Unit from power and gas.
  • Disconnect Control wiring and write down colors used and terminal locations.
  • Check to see if units ductwork is screwed to unit or curb. Support duct and remove screws if necessary.
  • Help crane set up when it gets there.
  • Position truck with new rooftop and curb for crane.
  • Remove old rooftop unit from rooftop.
Roof Top AC Unit Roof Top AC Unit
  • Clean top rail of existing roof curb and apply new foam tape. Inspect condition of roofing and ducts.
  • Crane up and install adapter curb.
  • Apply foam tape to top of curb adapter, and inspect seal between existing curb and adapter.
  • Crane up new Rooftop unit and hook up electric and gas pipe.
  • Follow manufactures start up procedure, and inspect all of units components.
Roof Top AC Unit Roof Top AC Unit

If you are planning to do your own Air Conditioning Roof Top Unit replacement, be sure to have at least 3 people helping you so the crane pick goes smoothly. You will need a competent person signaling the crane operator as this is very important. Two other people are needed to set the unit in place, while the crane lowers the unit.

Below is a hand signal illustration for instructing the crane operator:

Hand Signals