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Welcome to our Picture Area of HVAC equipment in NJ we work on. Some of the pictures have a caption that might help you diagnose your HVAC system. These pictures are of industrial/commercial HVAC equipment in NJ. Most of the equipment brands are Mammoth®, Liebert®, Data Aire®, BAC® (Baltimore Air Coil), AAon® and general HVAC systems.

*These pictures are for your viewing. If you wish to use our pictures, please save a copy of them and upload these pictures to your own hosting site.

This Aerco boiler is a high efficiency boiler. It Is used in this application for heating domestic water.

It's amazing how small it is and is 1 million BTU's

Here we have the case off, giving it a yearly maintenance. Changing igniter and flame sensor. Also reaming all the carbon build up inside the tubes.

Aerco BoilerAerco Burner Assembly HB Smith Boiler

Carrier Chiller

Carrier Chiller

Bearing went bad and worn down shaft

Bad Bearing Aaon

The next pictures are of a AAon unit in NJ. The condenser motor fan brackets broke which sent this motor into the condenser coil. The fan blade cut about 30+ holes into the coil. We were able to fix 5 of the 6 coil sections in this unit. Unfortunately one of the coils had to be replaced due to too many holes.


Broken bracket on second condenser fan motor in same unit

Re-welding 2 new condenser fan motor brackets back in we got from AAon®.

Continental Boiler

Continental Boiler HB Smith

This picture is a HB Smith boiler in Northern NJ. The fire box was in dire need of repair.

HB smith

Here's a little view  of the inside of the boiler before we repaired the fire box before start up.

A picture of a new installation of Data Aire® dry coolers in Jersey City NJ. 180 fans!

Data Aire Dry Coolers

A small BAC® cooling tower getting a cleaning


A few larger BAC® water towers

BAC towers BAC

Ray Pak Boilers - These are high efficiency modulating commercial boilers.

ray pak

6 inch clogged valve. This was clogged with soot from dirty water tower water.

mammoth unit

Changing filters inside this Mammoth® Unit and more pictures of this same unit.

Mammoth Unit Mammoth Unit Compressor Room

Data Aire® unit that froze up after because of free cooling valve and 2 stages of cooling on at the same time.

Data Aire Compressors Data Aire